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Working towards optimal health for all older adults

NHCGNE-NACNS Gerontological Nursing Courses

Attention NHCGNE Members: We kindly ask you to share this valuable educational opportunity with nursing professionals engaged in the care of older adults.

NHCGNE has partnered with NACNS (National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists) to present the following two gerontological nursing courses. These courses are led by instructors who are NHCGNE members and accomplished nursing educators and leaders in their respective domains. Both on-demand classes offer the flexibility to be completed all at once or within a 90-day span.

Course 1: Leadership in Older Adult Caregiving

This comprehensive 4.75-hour course provides a foundation for collaborating with teams to devise and execute strategies for enhancing quality care within older patient populations in diverse settings. It covers essential aspects such as setting an example, fostering a shared vision, questioning existing processes, empowering others, acknowledging achievements, financial administration, quality oversight, process refinement, and readiness for emergencies. Through a blend of didactic instruction, case study engagement, and interactive exercises, participants will enhance their comprehension of the subject matter.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): 4.75 contact hours

Course 2: Nursing for Older Adults Course

Tailored for nursing experts tasked with evaluating senior citizens, support staff involved in gathering data for nursing assessments, and educators for these roles, this 3-hour course addresses the unique presentations of ailments among the elderly. It delves into practical approaches for identifying and managing sudden shifts in health conditions. The curriculum covers topics such as targeted care, oral hygiene, medication protocols, pain control, sleep management, and psychological and behavioral disorders. Similar to the first course, this module blends didactic learning, real-world scenarios, and interactive activities to bolster comprehension.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): 3 contact hours

Please note:  Institutions have the option to procure these courses for their staff.  For pricing and further details, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..