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Working towards optimal health for all older adults

Distinguished Educator General Information


The questions and answers below are provided to assist applicants prepare their submissions for the Distinguished Educator Program.

1. If I am selected do I need to attend the Leadership Conference?

Yes. Registration and attendance is required at the Leadership Conference if you are selected for the DEGN Award.

2. When is the 2024 Leadership Conference?

The Leadership Conference will be held 22-24 October 2024. The conference will be held virtually.

3. Is a Master’s degree a requirement?

Yes. This is the minimum educational requirement.

4. Is an educational qualification in gerontology required for the award?

No, however experience in gerontology education, practice and/or research will need to be demonstrated.

5. For item 5, can I list collaborations in research here?

No, item 5 is for collaborations in clinical practice. There are sections on research later in the application form.

6. For item 9, can I list administrative coordination positions in nursing management?

No, item 9 is focused on formal administrative coordination of educational nursing programs.

7. For item 11, would making minor adjustments to the same course across years, based on emerging evidence, count as ‘curriculum development?'

Yes. You could also include examples of your participation as a peer reviewer for courses at other universities or health services.

8. For item 13, are only awards in aging/gerontological nursing counted?

No. If you have teaching awards for courses that are not focused on older people or ageing, please justify why they are included.

9. For item 14, should I provide the names of my mentees?

Yes, please provide full name, position, and the period of your mentorship (inclusive dates).

10. For item 18, can I list articles that I have submitted to a journal for peer review?

No, list only manuscripts that have been published, or you have official advice that the manuscript has been accepted. For accepted manuscripts, please provide the date of that advice.

11. If I have an abstract published as part of conference proceedings, can this be listed as a publication in item 18?

If only an abstract of a paper/manuscript has been published and no subsequent/duplicative publication of that paper/manuscript in any form, this can be listed under item 20 as ‘other aged related publications.

12. Can I list gerontological leadership positions in non-gerontological organizations under items 21, 22, or 23?

Yes. Note under the position that you were nominated to the committee as a gerontological expert (if applicable). How do I separate my leadership in gerontological nursing from my leadership in education? You are encouraged to think carefully about how you exercise influence as a leader in your various spheres of practice. Note that a single experience can only be counted once on the application. For example, if you held a position in the National Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence Education Committee, you need to count it towards one item only: item 22 (committee that serves older adults) or item 23 (professional service position, which is separate to your substantive role) or item 24 (committee that is education-related).

13. For item 27, how is serving on a community or health care board different from leadership roles I listed on earlier items?

For item 27, you can list any position where you serve for a service organization (client focused), such as a community service or health service. This is different to positions in professional organizations, which are listed in items 22, 23, 24.

14. For item 28, what is advocacy work?

Advocacy work is where your services as an expert health professional and/or educator are used to support consumers to improve services or access to services. It may include providing opportunities for consumers to share their stories with your manager, administrators, and stakeholders. It can also include exploring funding opportunities to improve your organisation’s services, such as Local Hospital Foundations.

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