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Working towards optimal health for all older adults

Institutional Membership Subscription

If you would like to be added as a group member to an existing Institution account, please contact your Member Institution representative, or email Make sure to include your full name and institution.

Please complete the following form to apply for a Institutional Membership account.


Please respond to the following questions. Responses for each item do not need to be expansive but should reflect the work you have done and are doing in the area of gerontologic nursing.

1. Describe area(s) of expertise for which your institution is recognized by peers in gerontological nursing or health care (could be prior awards or publications).
2. Describe at least one innovation in nursing and/or health care attributable to your institution that has changed or has the potential to change gerontological education, practice, research, administration, or health care policy.
3. Describe two areas in which your institution expects to make continuing and substantive contributions to gerontological nursing and/or health care.
All memberships begin March 1 and run thru the end of February each year.

Payment Information