Working towards optimal health for all older adults


Benefits of Institutional Membership
We build upon the legacy of The John A. Hartford Foundation, which represents the gold standard of excellence in gerontology. Join us for the opportunity to build your institution into a gerontological nursing powerhouse.

Members will be key actors in fulfilling our mission and vision, with benefits better enabling them to do so.

We offer our members:
  • Partnerships in the fight for systemic change in the care of older adults
  • Opportunities to achieve new levels of accomplishment and leadership in gerontological nursing
  • A road map for faculty development and career progression
  • NHCGNE News Digest to designated staff and COMPLIMENTARY ADS for members.
  • Collaborative opportunities for publications and presentations
  • Discounted registration for our annual Leadership Conference (Each member institution is eligible for two complimentary registrations and discounted registration for additional attendees. A potential savings of $1,000!)
  • Exclusive access to and/or discounts on cutting-edge webinars and online resources developed by NHCGNE experts
  • Resources, international and inter-professional collegial relationships and mentoring, to support development of gerontological nursing faculty capacity and executive academic leadership for your gerontological nursing program(s)
  • Exclusive access to compete for funding and awards
  • Exposure to entrepreneurs in the field
  • Consultant services for research, instruction, curriculum and program review. (Two hours free for each member institution annually.)